Aaron Carter Kept Grabbing His Junk At Trés Gay Northalstead Market Days: WATCH

This weekend’s Northalsted Market Days in Chicago brought acts like Wilson Phillips, Lynda Carter and Youtube sensation Steve Grand to Boystown for an annual gay celebration described as  “the largest two-day street festival in the Midwest.”

Also taking the stage was blast-from-the-past Aaron Carter, currently on his first tour since 2005. Aaron has had his problems but it looks like he’s back doing what he does best. And, like older brother Nick, Aaron supports the LGBT community (He was one of the first straight stars to pose for a NOH8 photo-op).

The younger Carter bro  really gave the boys a thrill during his Market Days set, when he couldn’t stop grabbing his crotch during a performance of  “Not Too Young, Not Too Old”, (at the 40 second mark in the video below).

Funny, “not too young, not too old” is how we describe 25-year-old Aaron. (What? We like that been-to-rock-bottom-and-back look.)

Below, get any eyeful of Aaron from the show.