Aaron Tveit On Carnegie Hall Debut & Online Fandom: “I Can’t Explain It.”

Aaron Tveit, Tom Wopat Aaron Tveit (here with Tom Wopat) will sing ’Goodbye’ from Catch Me If You Can at Carnegie Hall

Aaron Tveit has fans that come from all areas of his already impressive career. There are nightime soap fans who loved him as rich kid Tripp van der Bilt III from Gossip Girl, his film fans for roles in Les Miserables and, of course, the theater fans for his work in such musicals as Next To Normal, Hairspray and Catch Me If You Can. Just look at the online chatter about him and you’ll see that his fans really love him.

And while he returned to television last year in USA’s gritty hit crime drama, Graceland, where he plays newbie FBI agent Mike Warren, Tveit is never far from the stage. In fact, he will be making his debut at Carnegie Hall later this month for a New York Pops Gala celebrating its 31st year.

Tveit, who will sing “Goodbye” from Catch Me If You Can, is part of an impressive lineup that also includes Patti Lupone, Christian Borle, Ricki Lake, Corey Reynolds, Megan Hilty, Laura Bell Bundy and Andrea Martin.

TheBacklot was on the Florida set of Graceland yesterday and Tveit talked about his big debut, the crazy online fandom who worship him as well as whether we’ll ever see him sing on the USA series, which also stars fellow Broadway alum Daniel Sunjata, who played a gay baseball player in Take Me Out.

On rumors he sings around the Graceland set…

I probably sing on set. I kind of sing all the time without even knowing it so thankfully they don’t all hate me, but it could be a nervous thing to release tension. People do different things, but I think it relaxes me, and I just spout out a song as I’m standing around.

Aaron Tveit, Les MiserablesTveit as Enjolras in the 2012 film Les Misérables

On his Carnegie Hall debut…

I have a joke with my father and my brother because they’ve actually both sang at Carnegie Hall and I have not, so it’s been a long-running joke in my family that they got there before I did. I’m really looking forward to it. I was asked awhile ago by Marc [Shaiman] and Scott [Wittman] to do it and just the nature of television scheduling you don’t always know until right before if it’s going to work and I just found out last week that it’s going to work, so I’m very excited. I’m singing a song from Catch Me If You Can so to revisit that music and sing it with the New York Pops Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, it’s going to be quite an evening.

On that constant pull to the theater…

It’s gotten to a point in the last couple years, because I’ve been off stage since Catch Me If You Can closed in September 2011, even though I did Les Miz, which was singing also, but I really did it in front of a camera instead. But it’s so funny, any time I go see a play or I go see something in the theater I just sit there and I feel that pull inside and ‘I want to get up there, I want to get up there,’ I’ve said it before, I feel like I say it all the time, but nothing feels like that. [Graceland] is great and I love working on set and I love the week-to-week change and finding out who these characters are, but there’s nothing like standing in front of an audience and hearing them react to what you’re doing right in front of them. It’s something else. I have no idea what it’s going to be and I just can’t wait until that opportunity comes up again.

On his rabid Internet fanbase…

I can’t explain it. As you also know, I’m not on the Internet so I don’t see it on a daily basis, that’s the thing too, and I don’t know if that’s part of it that I’m not there or accessible….but listen, at the end of the day, it’s people positively responding to work that I’ve done and because I care about all the work that I do in all facets of my work and that positive feedback is just wonderful, it’s wonderful. I couldn’t be more grateful for it. I’m sure as much of the good stuff, I’m sure there’s bad stuff, too, so that’s another good reason that I’m glad I don’t look at it. It’s like an old adage with people who read their reviews, you can get fifteen good reviews when you do a show but if you read one bad line, that’s the one that sticks in your head. So I think it’s good…I’m happy that it’s all there but I’m also glad I can have a little bit of separation for it.

On the love of working with other performers…

Every new thing that I’ve done has just felt the same in the way that it feels exactly like when I first started doing shows, or I first started singing or I first started performing. It’s just a group of people coming together to do this thing that they love to do. Maybe I’ve been blessed to work with fantastic people but it’s never felt any different than that for me. That’s why I can’t conceptualize that part of it because this, to me, is just something that I love to do and now I’m just beyond fortunate to be able to make a living doing it.

Daniel Sunjata, Aaron TveitDaniel Sunjata and Tveit in a scene from USA’s Graceland

Showing some skin on Graceland in season 2…but how ’bout singing?

I will be shirtless on the show. That’s kind of an inevitability in Graceland. This year it’s very nicely spread around between many cast members. I will not be singing on the show. That’s just one thing…I love that people respond that way but I just don’t think…first of all, it’s kind of funny, but I don’t think Mike can sing. I mean, Mike can do many things, but I don’t think he can sing. I just don’t think it’s the show and that’s the thing. If it were another type of show but we’re trying to go for a realistic drama and I just don’t think it would work for Mike to be singing on the show…but, yes, we do all get shirtless in Graceland.

For more information the April 28th gala in New York City, visit the New York Pops websiteGraceland returns for Season 2 in June on USA.