“Patsy Is Transgender” Reveals “Absolutely Fabulous” Star Joanna Lumley

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We know you are impatiently counting the days until Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie hits theaters on July 22, but good news is that stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley have started making the press rounds for the film and they’re already making headlines.

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In a conversation in the latest issue of V Man, Saunders and Lumley reflect on playing the partying duo Edina and Patsy since the series debut in 1992, and they also comment on Ab Fab’s relationship with the LGBT community and how gay men have been Eddie and Patsy fans since episode one.

Lumley also lets drop that her character Patsy Stone is actually a part of the community herself, she is transgender:

When re-watching the series, it’s striking that the universe they created is almost entirely populated by women and LGBT people. This idea gives the creators pause. “We tried very hard,” says Saunders, “but [gay people] refused to be offended—and I admire them for that. Thank God you’re hanging on in there.” Lumley takes a more serious tone. “You go back and pick through it, the amount of gay references and ease with which it’s been put into the story, without it being dragged along like a great log of plot. It’s really normal that one of [Edina’s] ex-husbands now lives with his young boyfriend. It’s completely normal that [Edina] wants Saffy [Edina’s long-suffering daughter] to be a lesbian or that Serge [Edina’s long lost son] is gay and living in New York. It’s completely normal that Patsy is transgender.”

Ab Fab is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Aside from the series’ cast returning there are reportedly over 60 different celebrity cameos in the film. So grab a bottle of champers and head to theater for what will surely be a wild ride with Eddie and Patsy.

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