ABC Cancelled “Nashville”—Can Will Lexington Still Get A Happy Ending?

Will the show's gay country singer ride off into the sunset alone?

After a tumultuous season on the ratings “bubble,” ABC has cancelled country music drama Nashville.

While not entirely unexpected, it does mean the show, which lasted four seasons, has just two episodes left to wrap up myriad storylines—including the fate of gay singer Will Lexington (Chris Carmack).

Last season, Will struggled to come to terms with his sexuality—this year he publicly came out and faced professional backlash, boycotts and his own inner demons.

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This week saw Will put through the emotional wringer again, as a call from his aunt reveals that his mother has passed away.

Will decides to return home for the funeral, where he learns his entire existence has been erased, literally cut out of family photos by his father, who has disowned him after his coming out.

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Will’s father warns against attending the funeral, but he’s determined to pay his respects, especially after he discovers his picture in his mother’s Bible, proving she still had a place in her heart for her estranged son.

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To murmurs and disapproving looks, Will enters the church and heads to the altar, where he breaks down and tells his mom how much he loved her.

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After the funeral his father thanks him for not causing a big gay scene, but blames Will for causing his mother’s death—saying “she died of a broken heart.”

Will confronts his dad with the picture—telling him his mother found a way to still love him, and it’s a shame he couldn’t find the same strength.

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But there is hope: When someone at the funeral calls Will a “homo,” Dad defends his son, perhaps putting them on the road to a reconciliation—or at least an understanding.

For the most part, Nashville has done right by Will Lexington—allowing the character to have a unique arc—one that included a romantic life. But is this how his story ends?

With the last two episodes already shot, and Will’s career still in shambles, can they possibly give him a happy ending? Or will his storyline remain unresolved?

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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