ABC’s “The Bachelorette” Teases Possibly Gay “Brokeback” Bachelor


Not satisfied with making a mockery of heterosexual courtship rituals ABC is going after the gays this season on The Bachelorette: A new promo for next week’s episode suggests one of the male contestants vying for Bachelorette Kaitlyn’s heart has actually fallen in love—with one of his fellow bachelors.

“Falling in love with a man never crossed my mind,” says Clint in the jumpshot promo below. “Kaitlyn’s not the right girl for me. I love JJ, so I need the rose tonight.”

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In another scene, Clint Arlis teases that he and JJ Lane have “gotten very close in the shower.”

ABC insists “This Brokeback Bachelor will blow your mind,” but it’s possible this is all just fast-and-loose editing to give us the wrong impression. Otherwise it sounds a lot like Boy Meets Boy.

So is Clint suddenly discovering a new facet of his sexuality? We Facebook-stalked him and nothing about the 27-year-old engineer really pinged our gaydar—except for maybe that he likes Point Break.

Clint Arlis


J.J., meanwhile, has already been dubbed the show’s villain.


“More than anything I’m feeling just smugness wrapped inside of cockiness wrapped inside of confidence wrapped inside ‘I just talked to the girl and you didn’t,'”  said the 30-year-old dad earlier this season.

Well, who doesn’t like a bad boy?

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