Classic Movies Get A Queer Makeover In Abisha Uhl’s New Music Video

Near, far, wherever you are...

Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter Abisha Uhl has given us something we never knew we needed: A queer re-imagining of some of the most iconic moments from movie history.

In her new music video for her song “Better” Abisha gives a queer makeover to classic films like Titanic, Dirty Dancing, Forrest Gump and Say Anything as she tries to woo another girl played by actress Lauren Virginia Albert.

In 2005 Abisha founded the all-female band Sick of Sarah, but now she has gone solo with her new EP, Better. Abisha told After Ellen that she thought Sick of Sarah had a big queer following was because they were an all-girl band and they played lots of pride events.

“Some of the members of the band are gay but even if some of them weren’t, I don’t think it would matter. The music speaks for itself. And we appreciate every fan equally,” she added.

Watch her new music video below.

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