Adam Brody Is The Cute Gay Flight Attendent In “Baggage Claim”: WATCH

Director-screenwriter David E. Talbert’s sophomore feature, Baggage Claim, takes off this weekend and from all accounts its a cookie-cutter romance about a woman who searches for love and then finds it right under her nose: Paula Patton plays Montana Moore, a flight attendant who moves Heaven and Earth to reconnect with various exes and avoid going to her sister’s wedding alone.

baggage claimMontana’s aided in her quest by her slutty gal pal Gail (Jill Scott) and gay BFF Sam, played by The OC’s Adam Brody. We know Sam is gay because he speaks softly, wears a bowtie and says catty things like, “Why don’t you go with Gail? She goes a week without waxing her mustache and they’ll think it’s Steve Harvey.”

We supposed that’s what passes for witty gay repartee? Well, he appears integral to the plot—at least it looks that way in the trailer above.

Critics called Baggage Claim “painfully unfunny and entirely unromantic,” but Talbert is over the moon about his script, and about nabbing the O.C. actor for the part: “Adam Brody just got voted the sexiest Jew in Hollywood, but who’s ever seen him play a gay flight attendant?,” he told The Wrap.

We have, in our dreams.

Does anyone have tickets to see this movie? Is there going to be enough of Brody or Djimon Hounsou to make it worth our while? Drop us a note in the comment section.

Baggage Claim is in theaters now.

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