Peppermint And Adam Joseph Will Make You “Thirsty” In Their Hot New Music Video

Better grab a Gatorade.

Producer Adam Joseph caught people’s attention earlier this year when he turned Aja’s Untucked Valentina read into a glorious club track. Now Joseph is stepping out from the DJ booth and into the spotlight—and he’s bringing RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 contestant Peppermint with him.

YouTube/Adam Joseph

Joseph released a video for his new single, “Thirsty,” where he sings about how drinking all night still leaves him thirsty once he’s done partying for the night.

In the video Peppermint and Joseph dance around the streets of Brooklyn and even in the middle of Times Square as Peppermint raps about how she’s not sorry when she leaves the boys parched.

“Oh you’re thirsty? What a pity, better grab a Gatorade,” she tells them.

YouTube/Adam Joseph

“Peppermint and I go all the way back to her first single, ’Servin’ It Up’ that I produced with Jonny McGovern and have been making music together ever since. I admire her grind and positivity,” Joseph told Billboard. “Talk about hard work paying off.”

Joseph also explained what it was like filming in Times Square, not the easiest location for a music video shoot.

“Every New Yorker knows to avoid that area at all cost, but it actually ended up being really fun,” said Joseph. “Crowds formed around us as we filmed and the police ended up kicking us out after a while but there’s something special about Times Square that matches perfectly with the energy of this song.”

Not only do Peppermint and Joseph serve some fierce looks in the video, there are some shirtless hotties to leave the viewers at home reaching for a big glass of water.

Well done, everyone.

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