Adam Lambert Won’t Be Drag Queen On “Glee,” Will Sing Lady Gaga


Adam Lambert won’t be in drag when he makes his Glee debut in the fourth episode of the new season, according to Internet rumors.

The original plan for Lambert’s character, a rival to gayling Kurt Hummel, was for him to be a candy-tucking, cheekbone-contouring ladyboy. But apparently Lambert asked for some changes. (Not because he’s against wearing makeup, obviously.)

At Lambert’s request, his character was rewritten and the drag element was dropped. Glee producers also swapped out his song, which was originally going to be Lady Gaga’s “Judas.” Now Glambert will still sing Gaga, but it will be her current hit, “Applause.”

Hmm, is that why he was rocking some Gaga-strength hair in a recent Instagram snapshot?


It’s nice to see Adam is sticking up for what he believes in: The Trespassing artist recently ditched his record label after they demanded an all-1980s covers album.

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