Adam Rippon Reveals His Celebrity Crushes On “Ellen”

"I didn't realize how cute he was."

Adam Rippon sat down with Ellen Degeneres today to chat about launching an LGBT advocacy project, adapting to stardom, and his celebrity crushes.

The out Olympian reiterated his lack of interest in meeting the vice president: “I have nothing to say to Mike Pence. That’s not a conversation for me. I think going to the Olympics has given me a great platform to give a voice to people who feel like they don’t have one.”

The Ellen Show/YouTube

Rippon also announced a fundraiser for GLAAD’s youth ambassad0r campaign, with a goal of hitting $150,000.

It’s super important, he explained, especially considering one in five young people identify as LGBT.

“One in five… I mean, right here, we’re two for two!” he joked to Degeneres, who burst out laughing. “So look to your left; look to your right; and if nobody’s gay, you’re probaby the one.”

Naturally, the talk show host was onboard—and donated $10,000 to the cause, courtesy of Shutterfly.

The Ellen Show/YouTube

Though his trailblazing Olympic romp made him a household name, Rippon admitted he still feels like the “same old hot mess” he was 10 years ago: “My life has completely changed, but at the core I’m still that same old disaster.”

He also revealed his celebrity crushes: Jake Gyllenhaal is his default “solid” choice, and he used to be into Harry Styles. But he’s recently become smitten with Shawn Mendes.

“Here’s the thing, I was sleeping on [Mendes]—not literally! But I didn’t realize how cute he was.”

We can’t say we disagree.


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