Adam Scott All About Channing Tatum’s Ass

Adam Scott, ass man. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Adam Scott seems to have finally made a name for himself in Hollywood with his leading performances in Friends With Kids and Parks and Recreation, but it seems this dapper dude is still a little in awe of one major power player — Channing Tatum. Well, Channing Tatum’s ass to be more specific.

After stating that Tatum seems to be “sculpted out of ivory” in a recent interview, Scott went on to say that sex shops should sell molds of the actor’s rear as a masturbatory aid. High, high praise. We think.

Luckily for Scott, and other Tatum tuckus aficionados, the actor will soon be seen baringĀ  all in Magic Mike, a semi-autobiographical film about his days as a male stripper.

We have no doubt Scott will be first in line for a ticket.

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