A New Addams Family Movie Is On The Way


The folks over at MGM have given us the greatest Halloween news possible by announcing that a new Addams Family movie is in the works. Well, kinda the greatest news possible, as this will be an animated version, meaning we will not get to see those queens Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci reprise their roles as Morticia and Wednesday Addams, respectively.

Maybe they can do the voices?

No word on the release date, but we do know the film is being written by Pamela Pettler, the gal behind The Corpse Bride and Monster House, so the screenplay should be tight.

Oh, and speaking of Ricci, our favorite angst ridden teen of yore got married this weekend, and if you have yet to see how stunning she looked in her wedding gown you need to head here now.

Wednesday would be so ashamed.

Oh, and for all y’all wanting an Addams Family fix, Addams Family Values airs this Sunday, November 3, at 10/9 c on Logo.

h/t: Variety