Another Gay Couple Gets Engaged At An Adele Concert

“It just kind of blacked out and all I could see was Chris and Adele standing there."

A same-sex couple got engaged at Adele’s concert in Melbourne last night, sharing their proposal with 77,000 fans and one delighted Grammy winner.

Wade Nicholson-Doyle took his boyfriend, Chris, to the show as a 40th birthday present and the two were invited on stage. Seizing the moment Nicholson-Doyle dropped to one knee and proposed, to the delight of the roaring crowd.

“Did you say yes?” Adele teased, letting Chris shout an excited, “Yes!” into her microphone before she hugged both men.

“I actually had no idea that was going to happen!” the singer exclaimed. “Congratulations!”

It’s hardly Adele’s first time at the gay-proposal rodeo: She’s enabled same-sex couples to get engaged at shows in both Copenhagen and Switzerland.

Sadly, marriage equality remains illegal in Australia, despite the fact that two-thirds of Australians support marriage equality. A national vote on the issue last fall was blocked by Parliament.

Nicholson-Doyle told the BBC that he and his fiancé haven’t planned the ceremony yet, noting that “Chris’s head is still spinning at the moment.”

“It just kind of blacked out and all I could see was Chris and Adele standing there,” he added. “To share the stage with her, if only for five minutes, is really incredible. We’re very much in her debt.”

h/t: Gay Times

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