Adele Returns, And She’s Really Happy!

What the hell is Adele doing right now? It’s a good question, one whose answer probably contains words like “Oscar,” “Grammy,” “baby,” and “fags” (that’s what they call cigarettes in England, you dummy!) (but, also, the gays love her).

Comedian Chelsea Davison, whose Lena Dunham impression made quite the stir on the internet, is back, this time serving up some Adele realness. As the reigning queen of the Music Biz, Davison sings us new songs off Adele’s new album, 25 (calm down, it’s not real…yet!).

If we’re to believe Davison, Adele has turned that frown upside down, channeling the heartbreak of former albums into stuff that’s “really f*cking deep,” but a whole lot sunnier. Because she’s got a kid and a husband, guys, so no more setting fire to the rain, rolling in the deep, or wallowing in your own pile of Adele-solicited tears.

Basically, Adele is Cam from Modern Family now. And we’re okay with that.

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