Adele Reportedly Has A New Album And Tour In The Works


Adele, never one to shy away from finding her light and then shoving her flawless face in it, is reportedly coming back to snatch whatever hearts and trophies she may have missed the last time around. According to the World Music Awards, the Oscar and Grammy-winner will drop a new album, 25, and subsequent world tour next year.

Sorry, everyone else. 2015’s just not your year.

Adele’s previous effort, 21, proved a musical juggernaut: selling 10 million copies in the U.S. when people are throwing champagne out of open windows for moving literally a tenth of that; earning six Grammys including Record and Album of the Year; and setting records like they were going out of style.

It’s a lot to live up to, but with all her success and a baby, 25 should prove a snappier follow-up than the melancholy brilliance of its predecessor. But will people buy an upbeat Adele? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, let’s all take a moment to remember this moment in time when the Grammys meant something again:

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Rolling deep.

Les Fabian Brathwaite is a Brooklyn-based writer equally inspired by James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and Nicki Minaj, otherwise known as The Other Holy Trinity. Follow him on Instagram/Twitter @lefabrat.