There’s Now A Conspiracy Theory That Claims Adele Is Just Sam Smith In Drag


Calling all Illuminati members!

There is now a ridiculous new conspiracy theory making the rounds online that Grammy-winning English icon Adele is actually just Sam Smith in drag.

Which, like we said is ridiculous—but then fans discovered that if you slowed down Adele’s voice she sounds just like… Sam Smith.

Coincidence? Or is Smith just the greatest—and most committed—drag queen since RuPaul?

The conspiracy started to fall apart when listeners sped up Smith and found that he didn’t exactly sound like the “Chasing Pavements” songstress:

So the two singers might not be the same person, but we have never seen them in the same room together. Maybe they should just record a duet to put this conspiracy theory to rest once and for all?

h/t: Mashable

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