Adele Pulls Seattle Drag Queen Onstage During Concert: “You Look SO Amazing!”

"I actually really like that dress!"

Seattle drag queen Kristie Champagne-aka Kristopher Zello-is a big Adele fan.

No, like really huge.

Zello was so excited for the “Hello” singer to swing through Seattle on her 25 world tour that he even made a special dress for the concert:

Then at Monday night’s show, dreams came true. Mid-concert Adele spotted Ms. Champagne in the crowd and pulled her up onstage.

Adele gushed over Kristie’s look as she complimented her dress. Kristie responded by telling Adele that “you seriously changed my life for the better,” and told her how she impersonates her twice a week at Julia’s in Seattle.

It was a magical moment that only further proves that Adele is just the greatest. Watch a longer clip of their lovefest below:

h/t: Getlisty

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