Adele Wants Rihanna In Her Squad; Is Just F*cking Waiting For Frank F*cking Ocean To Come Out With His Album

"She's life itself, isn't she?" Adele says of Rihanna. "I love her."

Adele is no fan of squads, understandably so, but if she was (and she’s not!) but if she was, she knows one member she’d certainly want in: the baddest of the gals herself, Rihanna.

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In a new cover interview with Rolling Stone (don’t get us started on how on-point that cover image is; slay, Adele, slay!), the enigmatic chaneutese admits that she counts herself among the #RihannaNAVY.

“I’ve heard about a squad,” she says in reference to Taylor Swift’s band of very good looking white women. “I wish my squad was all supermodels. We are, in our brains. I guess I have my own squad. It’s not as interesting as some of the other squads that are around right now, but maybe Rihanna can be in my squad! That would be really cool. Oh, God. She’s life itself, isn’t she? I love her.”


Though she admits she’s lost touch with what’s going on in the charts and in popular culture, Adele clearly was jamming to “Bitch Better Have My Money” in her four-door Mini Cooper all summer long.

What else has she been listening to? Not new Frank Ocean, that’s for sure, and she’s pissed about it.

“I’m just f*cking waiting for Frank f*cking Ocean to come out with his album,” she says. “It’s taking so fucking long.” Then, the obvious: “That sounds so stupid, coming from me, doesn’t it?”

That it does. However, the wait will soon be over when Adele drops her third album, 25, on November 20.