Adore Delano Is a Gorgeous Grunge Goddess in New “27 Club” Music Video

“All of the legends die at 27, they all went to heaven..."

Adore Delano takes us to church. Literally.

The Season 6 and All Stars 2 queen might not have claimed the crown during her time on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but she’s back to remind the children that she is the queen of grunge in the gorgeous new music video for her song “27 Club.”


The track refers to the list of celebrities—like Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin—who all passed away at the age of 27: “All of the legends die at 27, they all went to heaven,” she sings during the chorus.

“I wrote, ’27 Club,’ when I was 26 years-old. I was going through a lot with touring and not dealing with personal drama or healing from deaths in the family,” Adore revealed to Alternative Press. “There was a point where I lost control and I had to get it back.”

“Writing, ’27 Club,’ was one of the most therapeutic songs for me to write because almost instantly after writing it, I felt saved.”

The stunning video for the track off of her 2017 album, Whatever, shows Adore taking candlelit baths, lounging in bed with some rats, and even getting close to a snake in church.

A snake?!

“The rats represent the many who try to make it in Hollywood, and the snake represents the promises of fame,” Adore explains.

We thought snakes were more of Alaska’s thing, but we get it. Watch the gorgeous new music video, directed by Ben and Katelyn Simkins, below.

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