Adore Delano’s New Album Topped The Dance Chart Five Minutes After It Dropped


Adore Delano is out in the world making COIN, henny!

The RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 finalist dropped her brand new album “After Party” today — the second since her debut album “Till Death Do Us Party” in 2014 — and it shot to the top of the iTunes dance chart within five minutes of its release. Don’t act like you’re surprised!

The album immediately climbed higher than some mainstream songs as well as another new release — RuPaul’s brand new “Butch Queen” album ?

It’s currently also sitting at #13 across all genres.

Adore released a music video for the album’s lead single “Dynamite” last month. “There was a vibe I felt after hearing the finished version of ’Dynamite’ and I wanted something super visually stimulating and something with a story,” she said in a statement. “I’ve always been obsessed with super strong female roles in movies & Bond girls always made me question my sexuality, so we added a hint of that as well. Just as a fun, retro, homage.”

Below, check out a brand new video for the album’s second single “Take Me There,” released today along with the full album. Pick it up now on iTunes!

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