Get Cooking With Adrian De Berardinis, The Bear-Naked Chef

The ultimate Top Chef.

There’s a such a glut of cooking shows out there that it can be tough to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Meat Meet Adrian De Berardinis, the Bear-Naked Chef, who is bringing his Zen cooking style to the hungry masses with a series of instructional videos.

Adrian De Berardinis

“When I cook, I am transported to a plane where nothing else exists or matters,” says the gorgeous gourmand on his website. “It’s my mediation, my therapy. And once I’m in the zone, it becomes a game of the senses. It is my world to explore, taste, visual, feel, experience and ultimately share.”

Berardinis, who films episodes in the buff (save for a teensy apron) calls cooking “a sensual journey.”

We can see that.

Adrian De Berardinis
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bear naked chef

But why cook naked?

“[It’s] something to take the experience to another level for me and my viewers,” he says. “And I offer these dishes and instructional videos in its rawest form to you. Stripped down, easy to follow, and simply delicious.”

Dig into a tantalizing tease for the series below.

And in his just-released first episode, Adrian shows us how to prepare chicken cacciatore.

Unfortunately, we were too busy staring at him to take notes, so we’ll just assume it’s delicious.

h/t: Accidental Bear

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