Advocate Names Gayest Cities In America, Includes A Few Surprises

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The Advocate announced its annual list of the gayest cities in America, and while some of the towns making the grade are expected, more than a few might throw you.

The most unusual thing about the report is how the rankings were determined: In addition to the size of the gay population, and number of out elected officials and gay bars, the survey included some less logical factors like the number of women’s colleges, the existence of a local gay rodeo and number of Jonas Brothers concert dates. (Really?)  So gay meccas like New York and Chicago don’t make the cut, and San Francisco winds up at Number 11.

The gayest city in America, per the report, is the Nation’s Capital. Washington, DC, has had a thriving gay community since before World War II, but the city’s growing gentrification, more than 15 LGBT elected officials and a friendly face in the White House has made it even more of a queer oasis.

Coming it at Number 2 is that gay gem in the Golden State—Pasadena! Yeah, we were a little thrown too, but apparently proximity to L.A. and grade-A flea markets make for an LGBT mecca. Well, they did have a gay couple get married at the Rose Parade.

Number 3 is Seattle. Why? Well the Advocate says its because of lattes, Dan Savage, trendy hotels, wine bars and locavore eateries. But we have our own reasons. (#gaymarriagandpot.)

The rest of the Top Ten:

4. Cambridge, MA

5. Atlanta, GA

6. St. Louis

7. Madison, WI

8. Salt Lake City, UT

9. Oakland, CA

10. Arlington, VA

And earning honorary mention in the bottom of the pack were:

15. Pittsburgh, PA

16. New Orleans, LA

17. Denver, CO

18. Tacoma, WA

19. Lexington, KY

20. Portland, OR.

21. Las Vegas, NV

22. Fort Lauderdale, FL

23. Tampa, FL

24. Akron, OH

25. Boston, MA

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