After A Mob Slit This Trans Woman’s Throat, She Was Denied Treatment At Three Hospitals

"She refused to go with him... That’s when one of them slit her throat and slashed her hands with a knife."

Following a brutal attack, a 21-year-old transgender woman was allegedly denied treatment by at least three hospitals in India on Thursday, September 7.

The woman, whose identity has not been made public, had her throat and hands slashed by a group of four men outside her home in the city of Hyderabad in the Indian state of Telangana, according to members of the local trans community.

She survived the attack, but only after allegedly being denied treatment by at least three local hospitals before being admitted to one and receiving a number of stitches in her neck.

“Around 3pm, a man she knew came along with three others and asked her to come to his place,” Chandramukhi Muvvala, a member of Hyderabad’s transgender community, told regional media outlet The News Minute.

“She refused to go with him and tried to enter the house,” Muvvala said. “That’s when one of them slit her throat and slashed her hands with a knife, and they fled.”

Muvvala says her friend was in a pool of blood when she found her and took her to seek medical attention. She also notes that one of the men came to the house “regularly,” and says he was “known for assaulting community members and extorting money from them.”

Another local trans activist, Rachana Mudraboyina, wrote in a Facebook post that the woman who’d been stabbed was denied treatment in three or four hospitals before finally being admitted to one.

Mudraboyina adds that her friend was finally provided with medical care only after members of the trans community “clapped” to demand it.

Though homosexuality remains technically illegal in India, the Indian Supreme Court passed a ruling in 2014 commonly referred to as the NALSA decision (National Legal Services Authority v. Union of India), which affirmed that transgender people are entitled to fundamental rights and equal treatment under the Indian Constitution.

“Private hospitals are violating Supreme Court guidelines by not giving treatment to us,” Chandramukhi told The News Minute.

According to the same outlet, police are currently in the process of investigating the attack.

“As per the available information we have identified one of the accused,” Investigation Officer Jithender Reddy said. “Soon we will catch them.”

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