AfterElton Briefs: A gay kiss for “Chuck”, a gay misunderstanding for Emile Hirsch, and more!

Zachary Levy and Adam Baldwin

In a continued effort to bring you all that is important in the world of gay entertainment and ensure that you are being spoon-fed images of gorgeous, commoditized manflesh, we present the newly-minted AfterElton Briefs. Following the usual assortment of carefully-selected news items, interested readers can find a refreshing pic of a hot man in underwear after the jump. Yes, we’re serious.

  • Adam Baldwin and Zachary Levi to share a (non-romantic) man-kiss in an upcoming episode of Chuck? Okay, that’s probably about the only thing that could get me to watch the show. Clever writers!
  • I guess we ARE the only people watching Wanna Bet? … hosts Ant and Dec (who are huge in the UK) recently made their first US talk show appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and within seconds accidentally suggested that they were a gay couple, which they quickly corrected.
  • Emile Hirsch’s “gay misunderstanding”: If Speed Racer the movie had boasted the Three’s Company vibe that Speed Racer the shoot apparently did, maybe it wouldn’t have been such a flaming wreck at the box office.

Mike Diamond knows what’s On the Gaydar

  • Below, check out 365Gay’s new series, On the Gaydar. The topic of this new man-on-the-street vlog starring Mike Diamond is gay marriage, but honestly my first thought was, “Mike D from the Beastie Boys is gay?!” (Answer: No, he’s not. Or we’re getting hella punk’d.)
  • And finally, under-mattress mainstay Playgirl is shuttering its print operations in favor of an online-only business model. Not that that has anything to do with us. Nope.

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