AfterElton Briefs: Barbra Vs. Larry, Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory,” “Old Dogs & New Tricks,” and More!

  • Happy 32nd Birthday to out singer/songwriter Matt Morris! Did you know that Matt’s dad is 80’s country superstar Gary Morris? And that Gary had the first hit version of “Wind Beneath My Wings” back in 1983? And Gary and Crystal Gayle sang the theme to the soap Another World? And Gary starred in The Colbys as a blind singer signed to Dominique Deveraux’s record label? Well, now you do.
  • While Whitney is recovering, her classic “I Have Nothing” is in good hands, thanks to 14-year-old Jack Vidgen on Australia’s Got Talent. (h/t Crawfish Po Boy).
  • Below you can see the latest webisode of Save the Date, the companion series to Setup Squad. Host Keith Edwards quizzes folks on the street in NYC about their dating habits (including a few downtown NYC notables).

  • The war of words between Barbra Streisand and Larry Kramer vis-a-vis The Normal Heart is heating up, with Barbra taking to her website to respond: “I’ve endured Larry Kramer’s outbursts in the past, not wishing to dignify them with a response. But at a time when we are all pulling together to achieve such giant steps toward gay equality, it is anguishing to me to have my devotion to this cause so distorted. I think my efforts for the gay community and my immersion in securing its constitutional entitlement and other equitable rights is quite evident and a matter of record.” In related news, I finally got to use “vis-a-vis” in the briefs.

  • Above you can see a promo pic of Sean Penn as a Nazi hunter/rock star in This Must Be The Place. Is anyone else seeing Robert Smith + Aughra?

  • I mentioned it last week, and below you can see the first episode of Season Two of The Variants. Gay comic shop owner Richard has lost his store to the IRS, and as he tries to figure out how to get it back, has started selling his wares … in a bathhouse.

  • Speaking of new web series, below you can see the teaser for the upcoming Old Dogs & New Tricks: “Does (sex) life end for gay men as they approach 50? That’s the question explored by the comedic, fast-paced & serialized web series Old Dogs & New Tricks, through the friendship and tribulations of four diverse and otherwise successful West Hollywood men – each one located squarely within middle age.” WARNING – NSFW (language).

  • Like a lot of people, I devoured Lady Gaga’s HBO special last Saturday night (girl’s got a potty mouth), and I can now say that my favorite track on Born This Way is the pop crunch of “You and I.” I was hoping she would release it as the new single, but she instead chose “Edge of Glory,” which is still a hell of a lot of fun (if not exactly groundbreaking). What do you think?

  • You successfully guessed that the #2 guy on my list for the 2011 Hot 100 was Russell Tovey (I guess the giant ear wasn’t very subtle). Voting ends on Friday, so I’ll be revealing the rest of my list throughout the week. At #10 is Andrew Breving, who takes a bowl haircut and an awful song, and makes me want to share my french dip and curly fries with him.

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