AfterElton Briefs: Ben Cohen and Thomas Roberts, amfAR to honor James Franco, Sesame Street is Brainwashing Our Kids, and More!

Tony Host Neil Patrick Harris attends the 65th Annual Tony Awards Nominee Class Photo

  • The Walking Dead is casting a few new characters for Season Two, but unfortunately, none of them seem like the gay characters we’re hoping for. But there’s still time.
  • Below you can see the latest episode of Save The Date With Keith Edwards, as our dating quiz-meister hits the streets of NYC to find out about “oversharing” horror stories.

  • James Franco and Michael Kors will be honored by amfAR at The Inspiration Gala New York 2011 on June 14th, which will feature a “special performance” from Liza Minnelli. At this point, aren’t all performances from Liza “special performances?”

Judith Light attends the 65th Annual Tony Awards Nominee Class Photo

  • Speaking of ladies I worship, Vanessa Williams is a New Yorker for marriage-equality. Duh.

  • Via Towleroad comes this safe-sex poster from Australia, which has been removed from bus shelters in Brisbane following complaints from the Australian Christian Lobby. As you can see, it’s completely indecent.

  • I know there are a lot of Breaking Bad fans here, and below you can see the first promo for the new season, which debuts Sunday, July 17th at 10 PM EST on AMC.

  • Did you know that most of the shows you watch and love are part of some liberal conspiracy to brainwash children? It’s true! I heard a nutjob say it!
  • Finally, below you can see Thomas Roberts interview Ben Cohen about … waitaminute … Thomas Roberts? Ben Cohen? I must be having that dream again.

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