AfterElton Briefs: Big “Glee” Casting News, The Thirtieth Anniversary of “It’s Raining Men,” and Respect Chris Meloni’s Authori-tay!

  • Birthday shoutouts go to Gabriel Mann (above) who is 40, Miranda Cosgrove is 19, Cate Blanchett is 43, George Lucas is 68, and David Byrne is 60. What are you fave Talking Heads songs? Here are mine: 5. “Psycho KIller,” 4. “Wild Wild Life,” 3. “And She Was,” 2. “Burning Down The House,” 1. “Once In A Lifetime.”
  • Last night’s Desperate Housewives series finale was the highest rated episode of the season. I won’t spoil the ending, but I half expected to see an “infiniti” sign on that box in the last scene. And don’t get me started on the throwaway de-gaying of Dana Delaney’s character.
  • Taylor Lautner will star in Tracers, about a bike messenger who discovers the “thrill of the world of shirtless parkour.” Okay, I added the “shirtless,” but odds are good.
  • Speaking of, Glee is officially moving to Thursdays this fall.
  • Comic Book Resources talks to writer/artist Tom Martin about his GLBT super hero comic Spandex (h/t Addison Dewitt).
  • Below you can see the latest trailer for the new season of True Blood. The gang’s all here, including new baddie Chris Meloni.

  • Below you can see that Colton guy try to explain and sort of apologize for his asshattery on Survivor. On the bright side … The A List is calling.

  • Martha Wash on the thirtieth anniversary of “It’s Raining Men.”

  • Congrats to rcdvg
    , who was the first to correctly guess that the film from Friday’s Pixuzzle™ © ® was Edward Scissorhands

  • Here’s today’s Pixuzzle™ © ®. Below you can see a character from a famous movie. Can you name it?

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