AfterElton Briefs: Black Friday Madness, “Glee” Isn’t a Turkey, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gets Channing Tatum’s Approval

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  • Weekend Birthdays! (Note: Birthday shoutouts are for out entertainers, allies, or for any celeb that seems to have a following on AE). Maxwell Caulfield (above) is 53, Bruce Vilanch is 64, Chris Hardwick is 41, Miley Cyrus is 20, Garret Dillahunt is 48, Christina Applegate is 41, Sarah Hyland is 22, and Amy Grant is 52. Below you can see Amy’s first top 40 hit, “Find A Way,” which peaked at #29 in July 1985, and was a runner-up on the Lost 100 list.

  • In ratings news, considering it was Thanksgiving, last night’s Glee did okay.
  • Deborah Raffin has passed away of leukemia at the age of 59. If you went anywhere near a TV in the 70’s and 80’s, you’ve seen her work. She also starred in the completely nutso Gold Told Me To, which forever turned me off to *spoiler* Glowing alien gods with chest vaginas.

  • It’s Black Friday, so that means the inevitable WALMART RIOTS, this time over cell phones. Baby Jesus is weeping.

  • Hey, they’re smiling! That’s … something.

  • Oh wait … Kurt’s trying to make some kind of point.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks to Jay Leno about his Magic Mike routine on Saturday Night Live, and Channing Tatum’s response.

  • In this clip he discusses the method acting of fellow hyphenate Daniel Day-Lewis.

  • Continuing the Official snicks Top 100 Lost Hits of The 80’s … And here we are. The Ten Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s! At Number Two is … “Night Moves” by Marilyn Martin

  • Like Sandy Stewart at #5, Marilyn Martin had a strong Stevie connection at the beginning of her career. She heard her sing backup on stage for Joe Walsh, and hired Marilyn for her tour, and asked her to sing background vocals on the Rock A Little album. She also gave Marilyn the song “Sorcerer” for the Streets Of Fire soundtrack. The president of Stevie’s record company heard her amazing vocals and asked her to duet with Phil Collins on “Separate Lives,” from the soundtrack of White Nights. The song hit #1 and has become an 80’s classic. So hopes were high when her self-titled debut album was released in January 1986. Sadly, a sustained pop music career was not in the cards for Marilyn, as the album stiffed, and the faboo first single “Night Moves” stalled at #28 in March. None of the other singles from the album charted, and her 88 album completely flopped. Marilyn left music and became a successful realtor, but has just released an album of “songs of faith and inspiration.” But “Night Moves” is how I’ll remember her and that fantastic voice. And of course, the music video, one of the best and creepiest of the decade, with Marilyn vamping it up and those … guys on meathooks. Next Week The #1 Greatest Lost Hit Of The 80’s Will Be Revealed. I won’t give a lyric clue, but I will give you a hint. Here it is …..Skinemax.

  • *As an added bonus, here’s Marilyn with “Possessive Love,” the single from her second album This Is Serious. Even though it was co-written by Madonna, it failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

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