AfterElton Briefs: John Barrowman’s U.S. Invasion, Get Sweaty With Hugh Jackman, and “Fearsome Lesbian Gangs”

Plus Glee says "It’s Brittany, b*tch!" the FTC protects XY’s gay teens, and Take That spoofs Brokeback Mountain?

Not really weird for Lady Gaga

  • Which doesn’t leave him a ton of time to guest star on Glee, which he’s asked to do. He wants to be one of Rachel’s (Lea Michele) gay dads.
  • Lots of rumors are running wild about Glee, but I love the one about the Britney Spears episode focusing on Brittany (Heather Morris). To quote one of the sites I read today, I so want to hear her say "It’s Brittany, bitch!" in that spaced out voice of hers.

Ricky Martin tweeted this picture of his five-year-old self. h/t Martin
  • Since the original source was the Sun, take this with a huge gain of salt. Take That is reuniting for a new album at Christmas, and Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow are going to make a "Brokeback Mountain-style video" for the first song, "Shame."
  • I admit I’ve got a few copies of gay twink magazine XY in a box
    somewhere with my A&F Quarterly classics. The teen magazine was
    ahead of its time, and recently succumbed to bankruptcy. It’s only
    assets are the 1 million strong mailing list
    of subscribers,
    which the Federal Trade Commission is demanding be destroyed in
    accordance with the magazine’s stated privacy policy.

We are deeply dismayed by today’s announcement from the YMCA that they
feel a name change and a rebranding are in order after 166 years. Some things remain iconic and while
we admire the organization for the work they do, we still can’t help
but wonder Y.

  • I want to wish a very happy 36th birthday to Deborah Cox, whose music was the soundtrack to my gay youth. Even if I didn’t realize for the longest time that she wasn’t Whitney Houston.

  • Fox News took a break from scaring old white people to scare Lindsay Lohan, who, according to them, has "fearsome lesbian gangs" awaiting her in prison.
  • Do you want to spend some hot, sweaty time with Hugh Jackman and his hunky trainer? Not the way you’re thinking, but you can bid on two workout sessions with the actor benefiting the Summit School. The Current bid is $12,500, but it’s expected to fetch $25,000.
  • And for no reason in particular, watch the Old Spice guy thank Ellen DeGeneres for her support and kind words. Where’s my thank you for all the drooling I’ve encouraged (and done) around here?

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