AfterElton Briefs: Lady Gaga Communes With God, Adam Lambert Gives Back, Ben Cohen’s Magical Sheath is Sold, and More!

Plus Celine looks tired, navigayting New Orleans, and Bryan Safi’s floating head!

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Thanks to everyone for participating! And the winner is …

Ed Kennedy Kermit the Frog was taken from the game by stretcher when he learned he had won a t-shirt and signed jockstrap from Ben Cohen in the Gay Sportsday charity auction.

Thanks to CCWayne for this week’s winning caption.

Weekend Birthdays! Beyonce turns 29, and the late, great Freddie Mercury would have been 64.

  • Just a reminder that Monday is a holiday in the States, so we’ll be taking the day off. But we will have Twitter and Facebook updates throughout the weekend, so join us there!
  • That’s Gay had it’s big “greatest hits” special last night, but unfortunately they haven’t made it available for embedding yet (I blame you, Safi!) But here’s the also hilarious Ben Hoffman singing a ditty about local news (and it does feature Bryan’s floating head).

  • Speaking of Gaga, below you can see Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour chatting with Jimmy Fallon about … wait a minute, let’s just soak that in. Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour chatting with Jimmy Fallon. Now there’s a sentence I never expected to write. Anyway, Marc and Anna talk about Gaga and the communion with God she had before she would start a performance.

  • Navigaytour has just added New Orleans to its roster of “visitor guides written and designed specifically for the gay and lesbian traveler.” I looked through the “gay bars” listing and saw Napoleon’s Itch. Is there a reader from New Orleans who could offer some insight?
  • Vancouver Sun interviews Icon Cyndi Lauper about her Memphis Blues album, which has spent nine weeks at #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart.
  • is an online charity that makes it easy to help students in need through school donations. Below you can see Adam Lambert visit their office and surprise some junior high students from a school in Brooklyn with some school supplies.

  • Last week I mentioned that Rugger God Ben Cohen had put a signed jockstrap up for auction. On Monday the magical sheath sold for $460 American dollars. And I’m wearing it now! Well, no, but some lucky bastard probably is.
  • Finally, is it just me, or does Celine have a look on her face like “get this thing out of me, now!”

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