AfterElton Briefs: Madonna as Norma Desmond, Lady Gaga as Mary Magdalene, The NOM Defection, NPH in “Company,” and More!

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“”Put your stinking paws ON me, you damn dirty apes!”.”

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  • Weekend Birthdays! Marc Jacobs turns 48, and Cynthia Nixon turns 45. And for you 80’s fans, Katrina Leskanich is 51.
  • The big news in the gay blogosphere today was the defection of a major player in the NOM circus. Good As You has an interview with former NOM member Louis Marinelli about his very public change-of-heart.
  • Below you can see a couple of promos for Dame Helen Mirren’s appearance on SNL this weekend. Yes, Helen Mirren is hosting SNL. And then she’s going to haul ass to Lollapalooza!

  • Made In Brazil has a post about a pro-volleyball player who decided to come out after being harassed and subjected to homophobic insults.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber thinks Madonna would make a perfect Norma Desmond in the film adaptation of his musical Sunset Boulevard. Because Glenn Close and Patti LuPone wouldn’t be available?
  • Speaking of Patti, last night was the premiere of the NYC revival of Company, in which she stars with Neil Patrick Harris, Martha Plimpton, Stephen Colbert, and many others.

Neil Patrick Harris, Patti LuPone, Stephen Colbert, Martha Plimpton (pic: Chris Lee)

  • Speaking of Neil, Pink Is The New Blog has some pictures of David Burtka as a solo daddy that I guarantee will make you “squee!”
  • Lady Gaga just wrapped the music video for “Judas,” in which she’ll play Mary Magdalene, with Norman Reedus (most recently of The Walking Dead) as the title character.
  • Below you can see a preview of Monday’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, as the pressure seems to be getting to Alexis.

  • Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio is a New Yorker for marriage-equality.

  • Finally, my dear friends, today The Goddess Stevie Nicks filmed an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show that will be seen on April 13th. By sheer coincidence, I may be too sick to work on April 13th.
  • Oh, and just a reminder that on Sunday at 9 PM EST on ABC, Brothers & Sisters will be be airing their double episode. Which means I’ll be doing a two-hour liveblog. If you have a moment to spare … think of me.

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