AfterElton Briefs: “Magic Mike” Sets The Date, “Southland” Casting, “Happy” Ratings, and More!

Boy George DJs at the Disaronno Lounge during the 6th International Rome Film Festival

  • Birthday shoutouts! Kelly Osbourne is 27, and Simon Le Bon is 53. Time to name your top five Duran Duran songs! Here are mine: 5. “Ordinary World,” 4. “Is There Something I Should Know?,” 3. “Save A Prayer,” “2. “New Moon On Monday,” 1. “Rio”

  • Below you can see a news report about a hate crime caught on tape at Union-Scioto High School in Chillicothe, Ohio. The attacker waited for a gay student to come to class, and then assaulted him, causing a possible concussion. Someone recorded the beating and put it online, and it’s quickly becoming viral, which is good, because maybe now the school can answer why the attacker received just three days suspension for a premeditated assault.

  • Gareth Thomas just retired from rugby, but luckily we can now welcome 22-year-old Jed Hooper to the out-rugby-star fold.

  • Below you can see South Park’s Randy put a NSFW end to Broadway

  • The vid of Rosie forgiving Tracy Morgan in yesterday’s Briefs caused a lot of debate, and below you can see Thomas Roberts bring it up in his interview with her. I’m now done with this, but I would just like to point out to Rosie that what Tracy said was not an “off the cuff ad-lib,” he’s had it in his act for years.

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