AfterElton Briefs: Puck Sings Billy Joel, Ted Allen on Fox News, and Betty White’s Sexual Desires

Is that a hint of … concern I see on Sue’s face?!?

  • Tonight’s episode of Glee, "Grilled Cheesus" is a tear jerker. Ryan Murphy is going for a big social message like Norman Lear used to do in shows like All In the Family. The explanation for the photograph at the top, plus many other spoilers for tonight are in this interview.
  • Ryan Murphy says that Jonathan Groff will definitely be back on Glee for the back nine episodes, once he becomes available after his commitments in London’s West End. He also teases that while everyone else is convinced that Glee’s doing Michael Jackson or Prince for the Super Bowl, he doesn’t want to be that predictable.
  • Here’s Puck (Mark Salling) performing Billy Joel’s "Only the Good Die Young" from tonight’s episode.

  • TMZ has a photo of supposed gay "ally" Chelsea Handler snuggled up to noted homophobe 50 Cent in New Orleans. Chelsea has professed her attraction to 50 Cent in the past. Being generous, maybe she’s giving him sensitivity training?
  • If you’ve seen The Social Network (and you should), you know that one of the best lines comes from Armie Hammer playing the Winklevoss twins talking about getting even with Mark Zuckerberg. Says Winklevoss, "I’m 6’5" and 220, plus there’s two of me." But even this hulk was bullied in schoo as you’ll see below.

  • The Human Rights Campaign has published their Corporate Responsibility Index for 2011, and they docked 3M, Target and Best Buy 15 points, but not for making donations to anti-gay candidates. They lost 15 points because they refused to respond to the community about concerns regarding their donations to anti-gay causes and candidates.
  • Remember the evangelical counseling student who ended up being expelled from college because she wouldn’t take additional sensitivity training surrounding counseling gay patients? Well, the KKK is holding her a rally, so maybe that will tell her she’s on the wrong side of the issue.
  • It was previously reported that Warehouse 13 was renewed, then it was called premature. Now it’s official, so you know what that means!

Be sure to renew the gym membership, Eddie!

  • Retired NBA star John Amaechi and WNBA’s Sue Wicks will be giving a speech October 12 in New York City about how they leveraged their celebrity to become advocates for the GLBT community.
  • The bathroom of the Stonewall Inn isn’t the first place I’d think of for where an anti-gay attack would happen, but it happened over the weekend. Meanwhile, another hate crime happened in the gay neighborhood of Chelsea.
  • Here’s the first trailer for the gender-switched Tempest, starring Helen Mirren and Russell Brand, plus we have Alan Cumming, so it’s something for us to cover.

And here we are, on Broadway, with a new cast. Well, with 50 percent a
new cast. I’m sharing the stage with a wonderful young actor, T.R.
Knight, who is playing John (to Stewart’s older actor character,
Robert). For an English actor it is thrilling to be premiering a David
Mamet show on Broadway.

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