AfterElton Briefs: The “Doctor Who” Trailer, “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” Is Coming, and What “Days Of Our Lives” Star Tweeted Support For That Chicken Place?

  • Birthday shoutouts go to Sam Worthington (above), who is 36, and Kevin Smith is 42.
  • This sentence will be the only mention of that chicken place today.
  • Well, except for this. Days Of Our Lives star Melissa Reeves tweeted her support for that chicken place. Anyone who knows anything about the history of DOOL knows about Melissa’s …um, “troubles” years ago, so showing her approval for that chicken place’s support for the “sanctity of marriage” is well, ridiculous.

  • Good news for fans of iCarly goofball Jerry Trainor. His pilot Wendell & Vinnie has received a 20 episode order from Nick At Night.

  • Below you can see out Bryan Singer talk about the next X-Men movie, which is going to be called Days Of Future Past, which is one of the most famous arcs from the comic book. Could we see crossovers from all the X-Men films?

  • Lyle posted the link this morning, and below you can see the full-length trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who. Dinosaurs … on a spaceship!

  • Below you can see the Red Band (NSFW) trailer for Bachelorette. I know they’re struggling not to seem like a Bridesmaids copy, and I think they’ve succeeded. Bridesmaids was funny.

    • Continuing the Official snicks Top 100 Lost Hits of The 80’s! Today it’s #81 … “HOLE IN MY HEART (ALL THE WAY TO CHINA)” by Cyndi Lauper. National treasure Cyndi should have had a surefire hit with the single from Vibes, but both the movie and the song tanked, with “Hole In My Heart” peaking at an abysmal #54 in August 1988. You can’t even find it on most Cyndi “Best Of” albums, although it certainly qualifies. Tomorrow’s Clue – “Don’t Waste My Time On Temporary Passion.”

    • Speaking of, no one guessed that Yesterday’s Pixuzzle™ © ® was Vibes.

    • Here’s today’s Pixuzzle™ © ®. Below you can see a character from a famous movie. Can you name it?

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