AfterElton Briefs: The “Drag Race All Stars” Trailer, Reichen Doesn’t Like Bitchy Gay Bloggers, and a Gay Dad Explains What’s Wrong with “The New Normal”

Neil and David at the Los Angeles opening of The Book Of Mormon

  • Birthday shoutouts go to Peter Cetera, who is 68, Fiona Apple is 35, and Jean Smart is 61. Below you can see Peter and Amy Grant perform their #1 hit “The Next Time I Fall” live.

  • TLC has renewed out stylist Randy Fenoli’s show Randy To The Rescue, which I have to admit I had never heard of until now.
  • In ratings news, in the clash of The Voice Vs. X Factor, the revolving chairs won.
  • Below you can see the trailer for Mama. Kids are creepy.

  • Did The X Factor ’Edit The Gay Out’ Of Don Philip Following His Coming Out Meltdown To Britney?
  • Reichen on the end of The A-List: “As much as I will miss the illustrious and fabulous life of an “A-list reality star,” being public, being subject to the small but progressive, loud and proud, “gay-hate and take-down-other gays” judgment machine, and being the target of gossip from the flawless corps of amazingly accomplished, secure, sassy, role model bloggers — and don’t forget the very brave commenters on those blog stories; all winners — of the gay media hate-o-sphere… the dignity department of my soul tells me that it’s time for a new direction.” Okay, then.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Star Vacation SweepstakesHave wig, will travel! Just a heads up that RuPaul’s Drag Race is sponsoring an All Star Vacation Sweepstakes. Here’s your chance to sashay away to the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 Premier Party in January 2013. Three lucky winners (and their guests) will win a trip to attend the event (compliments of Orbitz). The contest runs through 11/14. Go to RuPaul’s All Stars Facebook page to enter.

  • Speaking of, below you can see the new extended trailer. Can’t wait! But I don’t know who to root for. So many faves.

  • Huffington Post has the details on this music video, a collaboration between John Cameron Mitchell and Icelandic group Sigur Ros (who last we saw had gotten Shia Labeouf to show his junk). It’s called “Seraph,” and features gay bullying, animated full nudity, and is most definitely NSFW. What do you think?

  • Continuing the Official snicks Top 100 Lost Hits of The 80’s! Today it’s #53 … “NEW ROMANCE (IT’S A MYSTERY)” by SpiderHolly Knight strikes again. Spider was her first group, and they had a minor hit in the spring of 1980 with “New Romance,” peaking at #39, but it was just a taste of the success she would have as a songwriter during the decade. Many of you have asked about Holly’s mid-80’s group Device. Don’t worry, we’ll be hearing from them … but not for a couple more months. Tomorrow’s Clue – “It’s Not The First Time, It’s Not The Last, I Know All About Your Checkered Past.”
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