AfterElton Briefs: Van Hansis Returns, Everyone Is Returning To “X-Men,” and is Joseph Gordon-Levitt The New Batman?

  • A happy belated Birthday shoutout to AE reader Runako, who is 38, and a very special 41st birthday shoutout to my colleague Ed Kennedy, who helps make AE a great place to work. I couldn’t find an embarrassing pic, so above you can see him about to be attacked by a giant legless hovering cat.
  • I’m back, bitches!
  • Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt appear as Batman in the upcoming Justice League and Man Of Steel films? His reps are saying no, but … they probably have to say that.
  • I swear I’m having palpitations. But what about Storm?

  • Bad Lip Reading presents: More Twilight

  • The Cleveland Browns have released a statement about that football guy. Below you can see his newest tweet, and it’s a double whammy. A “that’s not who I am,” coupled with “sorry if you were offended.”

  • Below you can see out singer Eli Lieb with a cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Ride.” (h/t Addison Dewitt)

  • Van Hansis will be returning to our homes in a big way with the December premiere of the new web series Eastsiders, where he’ll play one half of a gay couple in a rocky relationship. Are fireworks involved? Stay tuned, because we’ll definitely be covering this. (h/t Becky)

  • Continuing the Official snicks Top 100 Lost Hits of The 80’s … Oh wait, we can’t … because it’s over! Tomorrow we’ll have a special post with the entire countdown, including my pick for the greatest lost pop song of the 80’s!
  • However …when one 80’s door closes, another 80’s door opens. So let’s start again! This time I’m counting down the 50 Greatest 80’s TV Theme Songs/Openings! Some of these are no-brainer classics, some you may have vague memories of, and a few will only be remembered by fellow 80’s fanatics. But they all deserve recognition. Let’s start with #50, Here’s Boomer.
  • “Like Magic He Appears, A Hero To Save The Day.” With those words, Benji knockoff Boomer warmed our hearts with his improbable adventures. Airing on NBC for two seasons starting in 1980, everything you need to know about the series can be seen in the opening titles, with its tale of this wandering canine savior. And doesn’t everyone need a little boomer in their life? Here’s tomorrow’s clue: “Life Is Such A Sweet Insanity.”

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    Nobody guessed that Friday’s Pixuzzle™ © ® was Star Trek: First Contact.

  • Here’s today’s Pixuzzle™ © ®. Below you can see a character from a famous movie. Can you name it?


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