AfterElton Hot 100 Sneak Peek: Paul Walker

It’s time to reveal another of the fine fellows who made this year’s Hot 100 list and our next winner is someone who isn’t a stranger to the poll, but still kinda surprised me in making this year’s list: Paul Walker!

Why am I surprised? It’s not as if Mr. Walker suddenly became seriously less attractive over the past twelve months. He certainly still makes my Spidey senses tingle.

I’m surprised because so often making a list such as this depends upon how high profile a celebrity has been the previous year. Yes, Walker just starred in the box office hit Fast & Furious, but it wasn’t exactly a "gay" movie, nor has the star of pics such as Eight Below and Into the Blue made himself a gay-fave by playing gay roles or taking particularly gay-friendly stances on gay issues such as Jake Gyllenhaal or Sean Penn

But whatever the reason, us gay boys are still clearly infatuated by Paul who makes the list for the third year in a row.