Afternoon Meme: Douglas Booth Plays With Matt Smith, Feast of Fools Isn’t Foolish, and the Gay-O-Meter

Plus we look at Running Wilde, wonder if Mean Moms will be as sexy as Mean Girls, and ogle MacGruber in all his glory.

Boy George has seen the BBC biography Worried
About A Boy
based on his life, and while he finds actor Douglas Booth beautifully shot as his
younger self, he hates the actual story.

Speaking of Douglas
, the beautiful 17-year-old young man is playing gay again,
this time in the Christopher Isherwood
story starring Doctor Who’s Matt Smith. The film, titled Christopher and His Kind is shooting in
Belfast, and Booth will play the role of a street cleaner Isherwood had a brief
affair with.

Bristol Palin,
the daughter of “my children are off limits” Sarah Palin has signed up to be a “motivational speaker” for
$15-$30k a talk. No word on whether venues have to provide day care.

Even the UK is horrified by the historical rewrites that Texas
is requiring school textbooks. Beyond what we’ve already
discussed that includes dropping Thomas Jefferson because he believed in the
separation of church and state. They’ve also decided to not teach about “slavery”
and instead teach about “Atlantic triangular trade.”

Maybe this Alabama geometry teacher can move to Texas. He’s
had a visit from the Secret Service after using the assassination of President Obama to teach angles in class.
The man seriously used “if you’re in building A, and the President is on the
stage, what angle does the bullet take” as part of his lesson in a high school
geometry class.

I can’t find a way to embed the video from Jane Lynch on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night despite
the handy “embed” button on the video, but it’s worth going over to watch
because Jane is relaxed into her full, Second City improv persona, and she’s a
lot of fun that way.

Alternet is incredulous that in America, people who identify
as Christian are also identifying as conservative, when the Bible would have them far left of Bill Maher.

I’ve got a thing for rugby players – I think it’s the
thighs. If I were in New York City, I’d definitely try and go to the Gotham
Knights Rugby Bachelor Auction
because not only could I bag one, I’d be
helping out the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and
Transgender Community Center

I make no apology for loving SyFy’s Eureka, and Warehouse 13 is
good fun. Since one deals in the mystical, and one the (fantastically) scientific,
I’m not sure how you manage crossover episodes, but I
am intrigued. Plus I’ll watch Neil
in anything.

CBS has released their fall schedule, and while I’m not naive
enough to expect a gay character on any of their scripted series, it was surprising. My favorite comedy, The Big Bang Theory got sent to anchor
Thursday nights at 8p, and CSI: NY
was exiled to Friday night, while CSI:
was put up against Brothers
& Sisters
on Sunday.

Remember the Saturday
Night Live
MacGruber sketches
with Betty White? She kept talking
about his “micropenis” and embarrassing him? Well, one of the viral sites for
the movie has “leaked” old modeling shots of him in the hairy, full-frontal
buff, and for the first time in history, Photoshop has been used to shrink a
man’s junk down to laughable size. Obviously NSFW, mostly because your laughter will
attract attention.

Carrie has always
done her writing on a Mac in Sex and the
, but not in the new movie. Thanks to a product placement deal with HP, she’ll be
featured only on their products, and probably isn’t even allowed to curse

Justin Bieber is nominated for a BET Award

Another Rosalind
book is being adapted for the big screen. If you don’t recognize
the name, she wrote the book that became the iconic Mean Girls. The new one is being described as Mean
. As long as Ryan
is back as a DILF, I’m good with it.

Channel 4 has a new little quiz that’s only mildly offensive, and I’m sure is meant to be taken as fun, called the Gay-O-Meter. Answer some questions about yourself in relation to some gay stereotypes, and it gives you a graphical representation of just how gay you are. As always, we encourage you to share your results in the comments.

I’m clocking in at about what I’d expect.

We also bring you an unusual baby picture. I’m not sure I’d ever seen a baby flamingo with mommy. It’s such a contrast with baby.

How’s the weather up there?

And here’s a traditional illusion, though this one makes me sick.

Many, many months ago, we ran a picture of the new high-tech, dual open Heinz Ketchup packets. I still haven’t seen one, but the folks at got an early batch and ran them through both lab and field tests. The results are decidedly mixed, but the testers are also decidedly adorkable, and so earnest about the subject.

Having run through all the promos for all the new shows from ABC, Fox, and NBC, the standout has to be Raising Hope, at least to me. But most people are high on the Will Arnett/Keri Russell comedy Running Wilde. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Finally, ChicagoNow talks to Feast of Fun’s Marc and Fausto about their big podcast, which reaches 70,000 people each day. I haven’t listened in a while, but I used to love it back in the early days of the show, when I was living in San Diego. Based on the website, I think this ran on WGN Superstation, because they speculate that it was the first time the phrase "I’m really turned on by unicorns" was uttered on the station. Here’s hoping it won’t be the last.

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