Afternoon Meme: Drag Queens Sizzle, “Caprica”‘s Group Marriage In Bed, Sonic Runs Into Mario, plus Dave Salmoni

Welcome back to a supersized, Ed-was-snowed-in-and-watched-a-lot-of-web-video edition of Afternoon Meme. I’d like to thank Dennis Ayers for our new logos, and the ability to change them with my mood.

I have no interest in the next animated movie (training a dragon? seriously?) coming out, so I’m going to jump straight to the teaser trailer for Despicable Me, which has a delightfully goofy villain, but even better, he has minions. I’ve always wanted to be a super villain, not because I want to take over the work (well, not only), but because I want minions. Such a great concept, and an even better word.

The international trailer for Toy Story 3 has some additional footage, and most of it is of Ken, including a costume change and a great line.

Defendor is another super hero without super powers movie, like a Batman without billions of dollars. It’s also not quite as skilled or foul-mouthed at the children in Kick Ass. I’m most excited because Sandra Oh seems a perfect foil for Woody Harrelson.

This behind-the-scenes featurette from Defendor shows that if you can’t spin around like Wonder Woman for a costume change, being a superhero is a bit like being a drag queen. 

Our friends at Broadway Speaks Out bring us this interview with the divine Lady Bunny on her role in When Joey Married Bobby. Like any diva, she’s unpredictable and fun.

Producer Jon Landau talks with MTV about the book James Cameron is sitting down to write about what happens before the events in Avatar, which I suppose is relevant. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but explaining that mystery element unobtainium, how they found the planet and how space exploration works in this universe, isn’t a bad idea. Or they could just be doing it to make more money.

We’ve established that I love stop motion animation. You may or may not be aware of the fact that I hate Photoshop, and do battle with it every day to bring you content. But what if you had to use it to cook?

We’ve got a Caprica triple feature today. First we sit down with Esai Morales, the upstanding Adama, to discuss the show, his character, and the music he plays off the set. I’d never connected the actor to his breakout role in La Bamba until now.

The goofy adorkable young technician (the one who still has ten fingers) is back in the lab with the Cylon Zoe. He really enjoys his work, as he tests out the adjustments he made on the robot by doing, well, the Robot. It’s really a brilliant little moment, and kudos to the actor for just going for it. I’m in lurve.

On Caprica we know that "gay" isn’t a word, you just love who you love. And we know that group marriages exist. I guess I’d assumed all the relationships in a group marriage were of the boy-girl variety, but this clip seems to hint that the lovin’ goes boy-girl, boy-boy, girl-girl, and any variation on that theme. Side note: I want a bed that wide.

Logo’s new show, The Robert Verdi Show Starring Robert Verdi is a spoof, which is fitting for Verdi, who never seemed to take himself all that seriously on TLC. But even with him trying to be pompous, he can’t quite manage it with a new puppy, who is just too cute.

RuPaul had the contestants doing a commercial for a hydrogenated oil last night, which is just silly, because no gay man would ever eat that, it would go straight to our thighs. Oh, and Ru? From all us gay boys in West Virginia – we are not amused.

Dave Salmoni is the perfect man (other than being straight). He’s hunky, generally has an aversion to clothes, he’s funny, and he loves animals. He stopped by The Bonnie Hunt Show with several friends Monday, but the biggest surprise was him bringing an elephant. Bonus prize for getting 80’s queen Molly Ringwald to feed it.

Again, Ellen DeGeneres has women play Blindfolded Musical Men. I’m going to start a petition until she lets one of the gay boys from the audience play – I know they want to grope the shirtless guys and sit on their laps – I can’t be the only one.

These Zeal Optics Ski Goggles are so hi-tech, they have GPS, speed sensors, and keep track of your best runs. With a heads-up display, I don’t know how you keeps from running into people, but maybe that’s part of the fun. The software comes pre-loaded with maps of the biggest resorts, so there’s never any fumbling with a paper map.

In today’s cat video, we were going play I Spy With My Little Eye with a cat. He cheated, so the video disappeared to cover the evidence of his superior intellect. That leaves us with this cartoon about drinking and darting. Let’s face it, how many times in a bar has there been that one guy you wished would drive himself home? brings us the truth about cereal, that we’re only in it for the marshmallows, and more likely, the prizes. They cover all the major prize groups except "temporary tattoo" which has to be an oversight.

I really feel for Sonic the Hedgehog here – I have a high school reunion this year, and all my classmates are going to be doctors and lawyers and college professors, and I’ll have to say I write for this weird website. Awkward!


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