Afternoon Meme: Tour the TARDIS, Betty White Is On Fire, “Captain America” Casting plus Cuddly Creatures

For those of you hoping that ABBA’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would
provide a reunion, you are sadly out of luck. Only two of the iconic disco
group are attending the ceremony, and only one, Benny Andersson says he’ll perform, and probably just some piano.
Darn – this is a place I’d approve of a sequined tuxedo jacket.

Google inches ever closer to ending censorship of searches in China,
even as the government there makes threats about the consequences. This is like
a game of chicken from a 1950s movie.

Betty White is on
a role! err … roll. Fresh from booking a Saturday
Night Live
hosting gig May 8, she’s now got a guest starring role on the
least of ABC’s Wednesday night comedies, The
. She’ll be playing a cranky librarian, and I will be

Need something to get your blood boiling? How about a
selection of comments culled from on the occasion of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s family car accident. If we think these people are even
remotely compassionate and reasonable, think again.

Sam Worthington is signing on to star in Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, which reads as the English version
of Buck Rogers to me, but I’m sure
you’ll explain to me why I’m wrong.

The Glee stage
tour has added additional dates in Los Angeles and New York
City, but nowhere else, so you Gleeks better live in one of the four cities
they care to grace with their presence, or have a lot of airline miles saved

We still have no clue who Captain America is, but we now know his nemesis, Red Skull is going to be played by Hugo Weaving (Mr. Smith, Matrix) who is something of a professional

Rudi Assauer, who
used to be a big German football boss, says there is no place in football for gay players.
Other sports are fine, but not football (soccer). He says if a player came out
to him, he congratulate him and tell him to get a new job.

The Telegraph has
major spoilers for the first episode of Matt
Dr. Who, and while I
wanted to be surprised, the fact that it had a detailed description of the new TARDIS set suckered me
in. Four times the size of David Tennant’s,
HD ready, multiple levels including a basement, if sounds like they plan to
spend more time on the ship this year.

20 Phrases to Make You Sound Brainier. Or maybe just
sound more pompous. At least some let you insult people using words they’re not
likely to know.

Last night’s High
on TheCW just became the least-watched premiere ever, stealing the
title from The Beautiful Life, also
from TheCW. We can hope it gets canceled at least as fast as The Beautiful Life did.

There is a gay adult film version of The Jersey Shore. It was inevitable. I can’t link to it, but I’m
sure you can find it. Instead of “The Situation” they have “The Stimulation” at
the center of the action.

New Orleans Bounce is a particular rhythmic style of rap.
And now “Sissy Bounce” is becoming popular in the big easy, performed by gay
men and drag queens.

Go look
at these light paintings reader Campion pointed me at.
The patience it must have taken is unreal, and the fact that in some you can
see just a ghost of the artist makes them all the more surreal.

I’m going to presume this bulldog is waving goodbye to me instead of the caption where I found him. He seems too cute to know about the Third Reich.


I’m assuming this sign is somewhere on Broadway in New York City, or perhaps London. Elsewhere in the world, jazz hands are seldom intense enough to require caution.

Still, I might go around the other way.

Today, from the world of advertising, we start with a gay travel ad from Europe, which is not what I thought I was looking at when I saw this picture.

I’ve never seen the other side of Mt. Rushmore, so this could be real.

I’m all for fitness (unless I have to get out of the recliner), and I also have met enough brides and grooms to know they like to look their best on the big day. Still, I think this Slim Fast ad is more likely to offend that recruit.

Does she now eat her way out?

I’ve got a real urge to make a joke about winter ending, hibernating bears and such, but the last time I called a koala a bear, I displeased all of Australia.

Still looks like a living teddy bear.

Adam Lambert’s Unplugged performance had him in fine vocal form, and I had something clever I wanted to say about what I always felt was the most subversive song on the album, "Down the Rabbit Hole." I’m afraid I forgot my clever quip, but I still think his trip down the rabbit hole sounds far more interesting than the one Tim Burton took us on last week.

Shrek Forever After isn’t just opening the Tribeca Film Festival (you are dead to me DeNiro), it’s coming to all of our multiplexes. Drat. Don’t even get me started on the final scene with Donkey and Puss.

And to honor their screening this weekend at SXSW, we have an interview with the cast of The Kids Are All Right that was done after their successful screening at Sundance. This tale of Julianne Moore and Annette Bening raising a teenage son has me wishing I lived in a town that allowed gay movies beyond Borat.

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