Airbnb Representative Writes Best Letter Ever To Gay Man Renting Fire Island Cabana

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With the skyrocketing costs of accommodations, Airbnb has emerged as a popular choice for travelers looking to save some cash by staying in people’s homes. Now users are learning its customer-service reps are pretty amazing, too.

Recently, NYC party promoter Daniel Nardicio posted a listing on Airbnb for his cabana on Fire Island’s Cherry Grove. While the ad included plenty of photos of the property itself, Daniel decided to spice things up by leading a photo of two go-go boys using the cabana’s outdoor shower.

daniel nardicio cabana 1

The photo Nardicio posted on Airbnb

What can we say, the man knows his audience.

While a similar photo might be automatically flagged on Facebook (and get the member blocked) Daniel received a letter from Airbnb specialist Kristi L that is so sweet, friendly and sex-positive we can barely stand it.

Here’s the text of her note:

Dear Daniel-

I hope this message finds you well! My name is Kristi and I’m a specialist with the Trust and Safety Team here at Airbnb.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that official introduction out of the way, your (admittedly, mesmerizing for my tastes) photo for this listing has garnered more attention than may be warranted for the listing itself.

I’m a writer of m/m erotica and was very, um, pleased to see your photo, but I think it may be just outside of our current realm in terms of general non-risqué photos for listings.

Again, not saying that I personally didn’t think it was captivating, but if you didn’t mind putting up a photo less visually – compelling – while still keeping the verbiage, some of us will sigh with disappointment, but it will also fit more soundly in our Terms of Service.

If you didn’t mind dropping me a line when you insert a different photo, I’d be grateful. Also, if you happen to know any friends with ringleted red hair, please let me know; my most recent writing submission could use a book cover.

In all seriousness (and the book cover part was serious!), I’m so glad you’re hosting with us, just want to ensure that the preliminary photos are showing more of the listing.

My warm regards,
Kristi L.

Nardicio posted her letter on Facebook, calling Kristi L “a class act.” We can’t disagree—also, we can’t wait to read some of her erotica.

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