Watch What These Ballet Dancers Do When Their Flight Is Delayed

The State Street Ballet company doesn't mess around.

Faced with flight delays, most people would resort to grumpily roaming the airport, cursing airline service workers or dejectedly twiddling their thumbs.

Thankfully for us, the members of the State Street Ballet company aren’t like most people.


When these talented dancers found themselves staring down a five hour layover on their way from Spokane, Washington to Durango, Colorado, they decided to use the time to practice some of their ballet moves.

Using the hand grip of a moving sidewalk as a bar, they recorded themselves performing synchronized stretches, headstands and even a few impressive lifts.


The Santa Barbara-based group originally shared the video in December 2015 and it quickly spread around the Internet, amassing a whopping 3 million views on Facebook alone.

The clip resurfaced on the social media site last week and has once again gone viral, with over 35 million people tuning in to watch the airport ballerinas strut their stuff.

Check them out below.

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