Aja Gets Witchy In The Woods In New “Brujería” Music Video

She casts a spell!

After giving gaymers the spotlight in the “Finish Her” music video, Aja gets witchy with her video for her new song, “Brujería.”


“The inspiration for that one comes from my love of witchy pop culture, and at the same time growing up with such a spiritual background I was always exposed to these Afro-Caribbean practices, and they’re all different forms of what people would call witchcraft,” the All Stars Season 3 queen told Gay Times.

“So I think it was just a way for me to take what the world thinks of these practices – because simple-minded people always think it’s devil worship or satanism – and challenge that.”

The song is full of magic and witch references from Wizard of Oz’s Glinda to Witches of Eastwick, Aja even refers to herself as “Sabrina, the teenage b*tch.”

While speaking with Billboard about her new EP, In My Feelings, Aja revealed that she is “drifting away from drag” and that her new songs are meant to be performed in and out of drag:

“I didn’t write it from a drag point of view. I look at the name Aja not even as a drag name anymore, but as a stage persona,” she explained. “Aja isn’t even a name, it’s a phrase, it means “come here,” so for me, writing music, I write it form a blurred binary.”

Put on your best Stevie Nicks cosplay and gather around the cauldron because Aja casts a spell in “Brujería.”

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