Alaska Wants You To “Come To Brazil” In Her Vibrant New Music Video


Brazilians love drag queens. If you have ever looked at the replies on a tweet from a famous pop star or drag queen you will see one request over and over again: “Come to Brazil!”

Now Alaska has answered her fans’ wishes in “Come to Brazil,” her latest music video off of her second album, Poundcake.


The video was shot on location in Brazil and has Alaska taking in everything the country has to offer like soccer, colorful outfits and beautiful boys.

The All Stars 2 winner even picks up some Portuguese while she’s in the country.


“So I’m walking down the street of one of Brazil’s gorgeous cities, and I keep hearing people yell ’Crackuda! Crackuda!'” Alaska says during a break in the song.

“I don’t speak Portuguese but I can only assume that ’crackuda’ means ’gorgeous beautiful young woman.'”

Actually it’s the word for a female crackhead, but we are pretty sure Alaska would be happy just knowing people are paying attention to her looks.

Aside from dancing and outrageous costumes, the video also features Alaska showing off her soccer skills on the beach! Is there anything she can’t do?

So if you can’t afford a ticket to Brazil, take a mini-vacation and watch the video below.

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