Alaska Pulled a Beyoncé and Surprise-Dropped “Exciting” New Album, “Vagina”

Your Memorial Day weekend soundtrack has arrived!

Fans got a surprise while they were watching this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 reunion: Alaska appeared in commercials to announce her new Vagina.

Yep, the All Stars Season 2 winner pulled a Beyoncé and surprise-dropped an “exciting” full-length album.

Vagina is a return to form for classic Alaska Thunderfuck music,” the tea-spilling snake queen says about the new release. “Hard electronic beats, songs about taboo body parts and lewd sexual acts, some total nonsense, and of course lots and lots of swear words. But within all of this filth and frivolity, I hope some real meaning is able to seep through.”

Alaska explains that this album is called Vagina “because it continues a movement through the chakras of the body.”

“My first album was Anus, and the next chakra above that one is the genitals. Naturally, the vagina, the portal of all life, and the passage through which every human being comes into being was the only choice for the album title,” she continues. “In the wake of the current political climate, where women’s bodies are being regulated and controlled by men, I think the title grabs people’s attention and it’s a little dangerous. I like that.”


Vagina is out now and includes instantly classic songs like “Leopard Print,” “Everybody Wants to Fuck Me,” and a track all about how to do Pride season properly.

So fire up the barbecue because your Memorial Day weekend soundtrack has arrived!

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