Alaska Sinks Her Fangs Into Taylor Swift: “If She Thinks She’s The Queen Of Snakes She’s Sadly Mistaken”

"Straight people love to steal from drag queens. It happens all the time."

Any RuPaul’s Drag Race fan knows that Alaska wears two crowns: one for her winning season two of Drag Race All Stars and another for being the queen of snakes.

And now Taylor Swift is trying to come for her snake title.

After Swift’s feuds with other celebrities over the years, the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsASnake started trending online and her social media flooded with snake emojis.


Sound familiar, Alaska?

When T Swift started mysteriously teasing her new album last week with short cryptic videos of CGI snakes, Drag Race fans automatically thought of the All Stars 2 winner.

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Now Swift—like Alaska—has turned the snake into a positive image for her, she’s even selling new snake merchandise on her online store.

So how does Alaska feel about Swift transforming into a Slytherin queen?

“You have to take the tragic and turn it to magic. People used to call me a horse face. Then I adopted the horse as my spirit animal,” Alaska told FADER magazine. “Something that brought me pain and anguish ended up bringing me strength and joy. So when I got bombarded with snakes I got a new spirit animal. Lucky me.”

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The “Shake It Off” singer is far from the first person to steal something from drag queens or the gay community, but Alaska applauds her ability to flip something negative around and use it in the positive.

“Straight people love to steal from drag queens. It happens all the time. But luckily I love to inspire young artists,” she explained. “The truth is, people who have longevity are able to be aware of their public perception and take it and use it and make it work for them. So bravo to Taylor. I never stopped liking her and I still do. But if she thinks she’s the Queen of Snakes, she is terribly mistaken.”

The queen has spoken.

For more Alaska make sure to check her out on VH1’s new horror reality series, Scared Famous, premiering October 23 on VH1.

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