5 Roles For Alec Baldwin On ‘Girls’

Alec probably LOVES Bushwick.

With 30 Rock ending, Alec Baldwin is going to be out of a job, and he’s eying a gig on Girls. Sitting down with Lena Dunham on his podcast, “Here’s The Thing,” Baldwin suggested he could play Dunham’s therapist. Here are five roles we’d love to see Alec Baldwin in on Girls:

  • Not content with dating a fortysomething doctor played by Patrick Wilson, Hannah moves on to the fiftysomething head of surgery, played by Baldwin.
  • Baldwin plays himself hanging out with a group of celebrity friends as the show takes a bizarre Entourage-esque turn.
  • Baldwin reprises his Beetlejuice role as a ghost who is haunting Hannah’s apartment.
  • Baldwin is featured as Marnie’s dad, a guy with a famously short fuse. He leaves her a voice message calling her a “rude, thoughtless little pig.” (Too soon?)
  • Hannah gets a successful TV deal writing for a zany NBC comedy and discovers that Baldwin is her conservative, alpha male boss.

What role do we think is best?

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