Alec Mapa Leads Gay Invasion Of Disneyland, Sam Smith Is Corny: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Everyone wants Victor Garber, Cody Christian's Downward Dog gives us urges, Zachary Quinto hits the beach

Dean Geyer is one of those celebrities that only uses social media when he has something to promote. But at least he understands how to get the biggest impact on a post

Excited for you guys to see me on #nbc #shadesofblue with #jenniferlopez #dontworrythetatsarefake

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How do you have JLo guest star on a show without making the show about JLo?

You’re famous, you can probably find the real thing

Hangin' with Elvira @KnottsBerryFarm #ScaryFarm

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I generally go for a c-ring thong, just to make it interesting

On the way to New Orleans. In preparation for my TSA groping, I'm wearing my aquaman underoos. What ya'll doin today?

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Tom doesn’t really age, does he?

Me and @stefwoodburn at @geekandsundry #twitch fundraiser for #extralife

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Zachary is looking good on the beach

happy as a seashell in the seychelles. ? @milesmcmillan

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I don’t think even Merlin can save you now

It’s officially fall when Lance brings Michael out and has him wear a shirt

Matty’s really just happy that everyone he graduated with is fat, and he looks like, well, an Olympic diver

I always find Matt to be so confusing. He doesn’t seem to live his life like the first line in his bio would suggest

Typical Saturday. #gettinit

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I thought awards for diving were the medals given out at competitions

Hello Manchester! Great night at the British Swimming Awards with this crew.

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Baby faced Sam is going native


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No one can resist Victor

I don’t know what he’s built that he’s so proud of, or why he built it dressed like that

Finally got my bandu W. Take it. Check out @banduwins for more winners with their stacks.

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Steve is getting prepped for the Marine Corp Ball, but he should realize that he could wear designer couture and still not stand out among Marines in their dress blues

Why have a street named after you when you fly everywhere?

The photo is spectacular. And then I read the caption. Really?

I want six of these

New Hollywood stars serving old Hollywood glamour

I’m going to be sad to see Significant Mother go, I found it funny, and the reasons they came up with to get Nathaniel out of his clothes were endless. And I loved when they found the actor to play his nemesis Timmy

Who spent more time in the makeup chair for the premiere, Denis or Lady Gaga?

I feel you Steve. Couches are too small, bathtubs, some cars

Ben may live in L.A. now, but a little bit of Broadway came to him

The destruction of the American family takes over Disneyland

“And this is how much more I make in movies than I do on the show”

Why is he so appealing? I mean beyond his looks. There’s a charisma there that transcends

I’ve got some thoughts after those poses

Let sleeping dogs lie

I love this. It’s sweet, creative, and when he makes him his Harley at the end I just want to cry

Why is no one looking up his shorts in that last shot?

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