Alicia Keys Hearts Frank Ocean

We love you, A. (Courtesy of Complex Magazine)

Alicia Keys is a big fan of Frank Ocean, who co-wrote “One Thing” with her on Alicia’s new album. In a recent cover shoot and interview with Complex magazine, she said she’s happy with Ocean for his decision to come out in such a public way.

“That was super brave and I’m so glad that he wrote it,” she told the magazine. “He is the voice for so many people. We’re all boxed in to these stupid things that we’re taught is the way we’re supposed to be and it’s so ridiculous.”

In fact, Alicia thinks of Frank as a role model. “There are so many people that need a champion to assure them that no matter who you are, you are a beautiful person,” she said. “That doesn’t change the fact that you’re talented or intelligent. Thank God that we have come to this place where we can actually know and be more open to the fact that people come in all different ways. And that’s great because it’s a very boring world otherwise.”

Very well-said. It’s almost as if she was predisposed to be good with words. Hmm. Weird.