Alicia Silverstone Almost Starred In “My So-Called Life,” Barely Lost Role To Claire Danes


In a move that would have changed the face of television history and all that we hold dear, a recent New Yorker profile of Claire Danes reveals that Alicia Silverstone was almost cast as Angela Chase in My So-Called Life, and only lost the role at the last minute because she was deemed “too pretty” by one of the producers.

Apparently executive producer Ed Zwick fell in love with Silverstone and told fellow producer Marshall Herskovitz to “just cast her,” but MH was having none of it because he felt the future Cher Horiwitz was just too much of a bombshell. And then they met Miss Danes and My So-Called Life went on to become the greatest teen angst show ever.


According to casting director Linda Lowy: “From the minute she walked in the room, Claire was chilling, astounding, and silent. There was so much power coming out of her without her doing much.”

And while we can’t see anyone but Danes in the role of Angela Chase, we are starting to wonder if maybe we could have gotten more seasons of My So-Called Life if Silverstone was cast. But we’ll never know.